Wednesday, July 18, 2012


I recently ran out of copies of Ghosts, a standalone book I put out in 2007. I ordered a lot of them and for that reason, I don't think it's worth printing more. But I've done an eBook edition for people who want this short yarn and put a new cover on it. To say it took me 30 minutes, I was pretty pleased with it! I've spent twenty times as long getting covers wrong in the past.

The original cover is the first finished work I did in Manga Studio, before I even had the Cintiq. God it was hard work getting anything to look right that day, but I really liked it at the time.


Jesse said...

It's interesting-Amy is stockier in the new cover than I remember her appearing in SGR. Was she always intended to be that way barring the limitations of Illustrator &c, or is it more you've retroactively assigned more varied body types to the old caharcters?

Martin said...

The e-book ghosts look much more malevolent to me. Their printed brethren look pleasantly slack-jawed in comparison.

I remember this book being duotone. Will the e-book have full-color inks, keep the original feel, or ...?

Jesse said...

... and that's what not proofreading a comment gets you. 'Characters', rather.

Yttrovorsk said...

Oh yay, looks like I got one of the last ones. I was always confused about how they magically acquired a new house after Super Crisis Quests.

Jesse, I believe Amy was described as being plumper in the comic, although it only really showed after the change to manual drawing, and even then it was relative to the perpetually thin Shelley.

I've also found you can date stories according to the style and dye colour of Amy's hair.

Perhaps that seems obsessive, but Mr Allison DID use the correct one here!

Oolong said...

Excellent! I really liked the original, but I think this is even better. Where in the earlier version I could almost hear Amy sort of ineffectually going 'wooooo...', this one has a genuine air of peril, and funnier ghost-letters.