Thursday, November 17, 2011

Mr J. Allison at Leeds Thought Bubble Festival

Are you in the north of England? Then why not come and see me this weekend at Leeds Thought Bubble Festival. It's at the Royal Armouries, and I am assured that the venue will be "rammed with intrigue" and "spoiled for talent". For the first time, the show is running across two days and I will be there all day Sunday too.

I will be on a panel, "Comics Economics", from 14:30 – 15:20, in the Alea Casino Cinema Room. Come down, hoot and holler that I am "da best". Demand the hits!

I'll have the following items, many of which you can't get on the site.

* Some show-only limited Bad Machinery collections of The Case Of The Lonely One and The Case Of The Simple Soul
* A few Scary Go Round / Giant Days / Ghosts books
* Meat Means Dinner Aprons
* Knitting Is Zen totes
* A variety of limited prints, A4 and A5 size
* Stickers!!!
* The last few tea-towels
* Postcard sketches (depending how busy I am, I may do larger drawings - probably only on Sunday, but do ask if you're interested)
* Other assorted gewgaws and curios

I really hope to see some of you there, this is my favourite UK show - it gets better every year.


Miss A. Nash said...

Aw Man, I didn't know I'd be missing out on RAW LOVE for fans. Even more sad that I can't make it now... :( have an AWESOME time x

Corey-Turner said...

I'm totally going and I'm also gonna try and bag me those Bad Machinery books, how much you selling them for?

John A said...

Corey, they're £8 each, which includes a little sketch in the front too.

mrw said...

Did somebody steal/hack