Sunday, July 10, 2011

Birmingham Sketch Party

I was lucky enough to be sitting between Joe List and Kristyna Baczynski at Birmingham Zine Fair, and there are few people more able to reduce me to paroxysms of helpless mirth than those two. Any summer blues were blown askew by this kindly two. A lot of ideas hit paper, and I am able to post some highlights below. Prepare for a feast!

In the first picture I illustrated the point that what I am looking for in a girlfriend is "a really high forehead". Then, below, Joe List and Mr Dan Berry explore their love of CSI. At the bottom, Kristyna and I go "sales mad" with explosive and largely unproductive fervour

With love and marriage now firmly on the agenda, Ms Baczynski and I played a game of "Couples", where each artist has to draw half of a romance and the other creates a suitable mate. What followed was, by turns, beautiful and unutterably vile. 
Meanwhile, Joe had drawn on a large number of Post-Its, in the hunt for the ultimate idea. And below, together we created a Blind Date/Dating Game style trio of suitorettes for me. Tina Warbucks has the nightmarishly high forehead that I called for, Tessa Terabyte has glamour and plenty of external storage, while Polly Clock is sweet-natured and extremely punctual, with a kind of moving facial timepiece tattoo. Lorra lorra!
The choice... is yours (MINE).


Becki said...

+10 awesome points for Fringe and Walter Bishop.

Sandra Valerie said...

love those!

Mike said...

This has nothing to do with today's blog post, I just want to say thanks for going back to 5 days a week. Initially, I wasn't sure the half-sized strips would be enough, but now I think they're just great. Well done, sir!

K said...

Just caught up with this week's strips and I think they're ace - especially today's (Thurs). The momentum of the story is building really nicely.

(BTW, you have a new reader - my four-day-old son. Who is the reason I needed to catch up.)

asdasd said...
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asdasd said...


The more I read, the more your story seems to converge with that of The Demon Headmaster, the BBC adaptation of which starred Jack Straw.

Is this intentional?? If so, amazing.

Tiki Snakes said...

Well, no comment section I can see on the comic, and no recent blog post, so I'll leave this here.

Just wanted to say that I think Corky is excellent and there is definately room for more of him, in the future. Thumbs up.

Monkey said...

Haha, this was very funny. Good luck finding the lady friend of your dreams/nightmares.