Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Please stop me thinking

At what point do outsourcing of labour and automation of repetitive jobs (particularly client-facing) begin to undermine business beyond the point where outsourcing (thereby lowering prices) and automation (lowering employee cost) can make up the shortfall? What happens to global capitalism when you make more than a certain portion of the workforce redundant because they simply aren't needed?

My initial guess is that perfecting human pyramids will become a lot more popular.


mordicai said...

If we don't labor, how will we make money to buy lotto tickets?!?

Figgy said...

I yearn for the good old days when we (and by "we" I obviously don't mean you or me or anyone else worth a damn) was down t'pit, tilling the fields or impressed into His Majesty's Royal Navy.

m said...

The classic answer is "Socialism or Barbarism", but I sort of hope there is another choice because socialism doesn't seem very likely any time soon. Good luck.

bob said...

"I saw a human pyramid once. It was very unnecessary"
-Mitch Hedberg