Friday, May 06, 2011


At last this has been announced, so I can talk about it! I've done four pages for this:

I tend to steer clear of anthologies, usually because I have no short pieces to contribute to them, little time, or rather, little time or inclination to work for free (because you are inevitably working for our old friend "exposure"). But Nelson provided the opportunity to work with talented people and contribute to a greater whole. I can't wait to see it in its finished form.


ally mcgurk said...

Argh. I want a copy now! I'm sure we can rely on you to remind us to buy it when it actually becomes available, though!

spiderbaby said...

Sounds like an interesting project.

I loved the Father Ted pyjamas today. Arsebiscuits! Feck off cup!

ambient said...

Seems really neat, I'm looking forward to it!

Bad Andy said...

You're a co-artist with D'Isreali? Nice work.