Thursday, November 04, 2010

New England Webcomics Weekend 2

I am currently in the USA, priming myself for a train trip to Western Massachusetts for New England Webcomics Weekend! On Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th of November I will be selling my wares at Easthampton Eastworks. Tickets are still available on the door for local types and it should be a splendid time. On Sunday you can look forward to Christopher Hastings taking me on, Frost-Nixon style, in a head to head interview of a sort previously unseen at ANY EVENT.

I will have a variety of red hot items for sale, including a few show-exclusive items

* A B&W collection of all the Bad Machinery comics so far called "A Feral Flag Will Fly", in a nice big format (NEWW and Thought Bubble shows only)

* My Dr Who & Amy Pond prints (I have 20, so apply early)

* Buttons & Stickers

* All the Scary Go Round book collections

* Fixed-price postcards

* Lady Gaga and We Will Do Our Best posters

* A selection of tshirts available in the "Dumbrella Apparel Zone" and the "Topatoco Clearance Area"

I hope to see a few of you there!


Unknown said...

Will there be a video or transcript or something of the interview? I imagine this to be great, one of my webcomic heroes interviewing another one! I'd love to come, but it's approx. 6000 kilometers too far away...

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the airport

K said...

I was GOING to say that Giant Days is wonderful, and I can smell the scent of discos in the JCR from here...

But I have been rendered incoherent by the Doctor Who and Amy print. Want! Need! Am not in New England! Waah!

Nicolas said...

Agh. I wish I lived in the first world. Not for the economic stability or the tasty candy, but for the webcomic shows.


strangebiros said...

John, GIANT days is the best.
That is all.

Nicolas said...

I need to add that I'm loving that last panel in Friday's comic.