Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Photodons & Esther wallpaper

Following up my tablet PC post from last week I wanted to recommend Photodon screen protectors. Some tablet PCs have a glassy screen, some have slightly textured anti-glare coatings, occasionally they can be hard to get along with, and if you scratch your expensive purchase, you feel like a right plum. But I've found that Photodon's screen protectors, which are among the cheapest, give a really great drawing feel. The anti-glare is particularly nice to use, resists greasy marks, and will also often revitalise a tablet screen that perhaps looks past its best.

Two provisos: applying them is a dark art best mastered by the patient, but you should be pleased with the results. And their fees to ship outside the USA are a bit high.

Following "peer pressure", I did a quick Esther wallpaper to go with the Shelley one from last week, here it is, 1440x900 again.


Unknown said...

THat's a really good color for a background.

Tiki Snakes said...

Just to say, the backgrounds are nice, but the new shop is nicer. Damn it John, but I ruptured over £50 on learning I could now actually understand how to buy t-shirts from you.

Just got to hope I picked the right size, now!

I confidently predict quite the spike in purchases, if my own impulse driven purchasing is anything to go by. :)

Martin said...

I hear Photodon is changing their slogan from "Improving Your Image" to "Photodon ... or you'll feel like a right plum" :D

Allen Aston said...

I love that picture of Esther!