Saturday, May 01, 2010

Utter desolation

Ladies and gentlemen, ladies and gentlemen, I can't tell you how this fell into my hands but I believe I have acquired the most desolate image of all time. And I love it!

There is so much to enjoy in the photo itself. The smokers gather around their sage leader (I have highlighted him for your enjoyment). I can almost hear his words.

"Yeh, guys, there was a time, a time when you could smoke in the office! At yer desk even. Before meddlin' bureaucracy took away our basic pleasures."

Raincoat woman: "So you mean you didn't get to tit around outside for five minutes every half an hour?"

"Nahhh. You'd just smoke at your desk. It made workin' fun. Now I hate every minute of my life. And I hate you guys."

Woman who hasn't bothered to get out of her pyjamas and dressing gown: "You don't hate us, Stan."

Stan: "Yeh, I do. I got tattoos to that effect on various parts of my body. One for each of you chumps"

Fleece-wearing milquetoast: (thinks) "Raincoat woman hasn't spoken to me since we slept together on that team-building weekend in Ormskirk. Does her husband know?"


I'll let you enjoy the treasure trove of other little delights on this page in your own time.


allenellisdewitt said...

The "voice overs" are what really sell it. :D

taracat said...

The company name is confusing: they claim no butts but I see a bunch o' butts.

Mike Madsen said...


Anonymous said...

you used the word, "milquetoast"! you're my hero!

Old-Red-Dog said...

I'm with Mike Madsen - judging by the look of this lot, a lifetime guarantee is about 15 years, at best.

Unknown said...

Stan looks like Alan Rickman crossed with everyones' grandfather.

Helen J L Nias said...

Hahaha brilliant.