Thursday, August 27, 2009

Best laid plans

Back in january, during the story where Desmond runs away (in fact at the pivotal point) there was a comic that didn't make much sense. The reason for this was that I lost my notes for the strip in question at a point when I didn't have a lot of time and just made something up to fill the gap. Well I found the notes. Here they are.

In the same folder I found two panels of a Questionable Content guest strip too ill-advised to finish.

So I apologise to you, and I apologise to Jeph, and I apologise to me.

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Anonymous said...

I would like to comment that it was the nonsensical strip in question that was one of the first SGR strips I read, and probably definitely the one that made me keep reading. "Callous disregard of house rules etc" : the English language :: your favorite Alternative Rock & Punk bands : recorded music.

It has been said too much already, but thanks for a rollicking time, your strip is the highlight of my Internet Experience, eagerly anticipating new ventures from you Mr. Allison, yours, Phil.