Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Keep on pushing

This morning I am excited about the Flaming Lips' cover of Borderline! They had worn out their welcome on me but if they can manage a few more jams like this, I will accept their welcome back with a glad heart.

Of course, nothing tops the Madonna original, one of the greatest pop songs ever

Using a slide rule, I have worked out when Madonna wore out her welcome on me. I think it was when she made that book where she was in the nack with Vanilla Ice. Robert Van "Winkle" ho ho etc.


JessX said...

i think hearing that cover made it a little easier to face the damp, cold day.

Roman said...

The Lips can still bring it, sometimes. Yes, the filler to killer ratio on their more recent efforts has been high, but, wow, that video, it's pretty darn great.

.M. said...

Funny. Not only is that my favourite Madonna song, but I really appreciated her up to the Sex book was well.