Saturday, February 07, 2009

Vest zest

I was testing drawing on a smaller screen today as one day I might have to make my comics on it, so I redrew an old comic at random. I post it here for fun. I have to practice practice on different devices as I get thrown really easily by change, leading to gangling arms, mad proportions and big nutty heads. Even the above is barely consistent, I will have to do a dozen or more before I am actually comfortable.

Also today, enjoy the fine stylings of Katie Hanratty and Chris Doherty. Talent in the community.


V^e said...

A Day in the Life, yes.

K said...

Aha, I remember that one!

I always have trouble with proportions if I'm drawing on a different size of paper, too. Although mine just remain looking wonky.

Today's word verification: lowrize. Why? Why?

Martin said...

This sketch reminds me that your comics would look more classy in two-color, like the Ghosts book. Plus they'd take less time to draw and you'd have more time to bash stickman comics.

John A said...

I find colouring-in very relaxing, just as a four year-old does! One time, I even did it on an aeroplane.

K said...

I think your comics look very classy in full colour, myself.

(Also, you have to take responsibility for my frequently using the word "classy" these days. I caught it off Shelley.)

plaguewalker said...

This random reader agrees with K! It's two inconsequential opinions against one, Martin!