Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Maybe I am fickle

Kate Williams is now number one in my heart for history. Yes sure Schama is fine and there is also Starkey with his imperious delivery and round tortoiseshell glasses, but after watching Timewatch the other day, my mind is made up and I am not moving on the issue. Wave those hands! Lisp and stomp around! Oh my god I just fainted.


Old-Red-Dog said...

Well I'm quite partial to a bit of Bettany Hughes, even if she is a bit posh. The televisual powers that be have obviously decided she's eye candy, but she does actually have the academic chops to back up what she says.

As for your new History Girl, I'll have to keep an eye out - that is if Starkey and Schama don't find some undergraduates to go and put the 'heavy manners' on her... ;)

John A said...

All historians are posh, history is the province of the landed! That Timewatch was excellent, watch it on the iPlayer, it was genuinely fascinating.