Sunday, October 14, 2007

Rocktober 2007 COMMENCES

It's a big month for rock shows, I have poured your cash contributions to the Scary Go Round machine into the coffers of local ticket agencies and as a result have a glittering array of entertainments in prospect. In the time honoured style, I will review them with as little fuss as possible.


¡LOS CAMPESINOS! + You Say Party We Say Die + Sky Larkin @ Manchester Night & Day - October 13th

Sky Larkin: who can argue with these new sensations? Right minds across the nation firmly agree that they are "as good as Sleater Kinney" and can only get better! 8/10

You Say Party We Say Die: perm/bacofoil combo and frenzied attack matched only by resolute Canadian politeness. They're asking, but you're not dancing. Might just turn it around. 6.5/10

¡Los Campesinos!: No one can deny they have the chops and the new new sound. Front-Campesino needs a trip to the barber to truly convince. 1/3 shirtless line-up suggests that they will never fight in a man's army. The songs deliver! 8/10

DISCLAIMER: All scores commensurate with cost of gig. Full disclosure: £7.


Edmund Ward said...

Is the woman in the flashback with Esther's great grandfather (october 12th) a distant relation of shelly winters?

Unknown said...

Los Campesinos and You Say Party etc... played in Lancaster last weekend, but I completely forgot about it until the day after. I was really looking forward to seeing Los Campesinos too.

Also I've no way of getting back to Lancaster from Manchester after about 10, which means I miss so very much.

John A said...

It's a long, hard road back to Lancaster when that last train has gone. I suggest sleeping under a scout hut, or in a bush.

Bro said...

Thanks for sharing this great music! Once more, I can be the hippest kid in town! Well, in my neighborhood at least. Or maybe just in my street. Or in my block. Oh damn it, the truth is that even my cats are hipper than I am.

But who cares? I've got great music to listen!

Unknown said...

I took a risk and bought Ryan Adams' tickets recently as well. (Some would say risk for many reasons, but I am focusing on travel here). I am just gonna hope that everything magically falls into place.

Jennifer Maciel said...


this canadian says thankyou for supporting my peoples as they venture back to the motherland.

and, um, 'sup?