Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Rival Schools - United By Fate

In a sense this is wretched, but I was so pleased by the generic city centre tones and barely veiled sentiment that it simply could not be stopped. Ten seconds after I drew it I was clapping like a big baby.

I remember back in '00 when emo was duking it out with crustcore to be number one*. That was a scene. These days crustcore has to hang out in the kitchen at parties with math rock and "drones".

* Number one hardcore punk offshoot enjoyed by people not wearing shirts slamming into one another.


Anonymous said...

I like that album. That is a good album.

jeffrey rowland said...

Holly just saw that design and had a seizure.

Roman said...

I'm still searching for a good working definition of "emo." Someone I work with asked me what emo is today, and I kind of thought about it and decided it's like pornography, in that you know it when you see it (or in this case, hear it).