Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Joltin' Johnny A

R Stevens has begun his campaign to have he and I installed as the creative team on Iron Man, a move that would obviously cause a lot of problems since a. I have not read a new Marvel comic since about 1995 and b. his ideas are 90% completely at odds with mine (in his version, Iron Man would fight either trees or super-villains largely unfamiliar to readers under the age of 50, in between checking his email). In my version Iron Man would attempt to date Dazzler due to a mutual love of roller skates, and his enemies would be crazed international businessmen called things like "The Sultan" and "The Sheik". This is not what the suits at Marvel will want to hear.

Anyway here's the concept sketch that will both midwife and bury this sorry pursuit of a grey Iron Man dream.


Zaratustra said...

Try pitching for Ultimate Iron Man. All you need to do is dispatch Orson Scott Card, and that's pretty much its own reward.

sodapops!! said...

what sort of pencil do you use? like a special (terribly, horrifyingly expensive) pencil you would get from the artsy-crafty shop?

i'm a weird art student who is interested in these things!

Roman said...

Iron Man go to roller disco, yah, American girl think sexy!

Chris Shadoian Fossett said...

Any superhero with a disco ball necklace is A-OK in my book!

And Tony Stark's a total swinger, so there's little doubt they hooked up at some point.

Just sayin'.

Kris Straub said...

You don't need to have read beyond 1995. I think in 1996 they killed him, in 1997 they resurrected him, in 2000 they turned him into a villain, killed him and replaced him with his teenage self from the past, and in 2003 they pretended that none of it happened.