Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Things you probably ought to know

At around 1pm today, just before lunch, I entered into an internal debate.

"Does my car have a sunroof? I don't think it does"
"No wait, it probably does"
"I'm sure it doesn't"
"No, I'm positive that it doesn't"
"But surely it does"

This went on for a minute or so, during which I assured myself that no, it didn't have a sunroof. I went to look out of the window.

It does have a sunroof. Well I never!

Perhaps one day I will learn the difference between a sunroof and a moonroof. I imagine it is similar to the difference between a rainbow and a moonbow.


DeJinn said...

Internal debates are always interesting...specially the political ones... I have a sunroof?

Christophe said...


Not to get picky but on a completely unrelated note, what happened to the Chapter Title: New Fear that the website has been sporting for the past 2 months at least.

I FEAR you have been leading us a merry dance Sir! And I demand satisfaction!

*Sits back and waits for EVERYONE to take him to task for rampant pedantry*

Zach! said...

I know this is off-topic and all, but I am so very excited to meet you at MOCCA. Seriously, I may just sit around at your booth all day being like, "'re cool..." and junk. This is less of a heads-up or warning and much more of a "you should come to New York more often" and perhaps a "Sweeney Todd is showing on Broadway and it is nigh brilliance."

Seriously, I'm going to geek out so hard.

Tom Meade said...

Is this a matter of doubt or ignorance, Mr Allisson? Also, does your name sport one or two ells?

John A said...

Dejinn: You may have a moonroof.



Zashka: please do not stand in the way of the big ticket items.

Tom Meade:
This is not so hard to find out.

Lucy said...

More importantly, what did you have for dinner?

John A said...

I'm on a hunger strike!

Roman said...

This just in: John Allison is the new Bobby Sands!

Christophe said...

Or is Bobby Sands the old John Allison???

Web cartoons instead of political sacrifice...

hiyaifeline said...

In the spirit of Google ruining everything, I must do the bidding of my juggernaut master...

Sunroof - metal panel in roof of car that allows light and/or air into car when open

Moonroof - sunroof made glass

Thus, unless your vehicle was manufactured before disco was king, chances are you have a moonroof.

Yay for completely arbitrarily defined words!

I suggest that we petition automobile manufacturers to redefine the term moonroof. Perhaps "glass panel in roof of car through which truckers may view your underwear?"

DeJinn said...

I had to double-check. I have no manner of spiffy roof at all.

...I need a new car...