Monday, March 27, 2006

Dogtooth dogtooth

The video for Franz Ferdinand's L. Wells is a real good treat, I promise!

It's Windows Media, so Mac users might have to use Flip4mac.

News is thin on the ground this week. It's a tough business, living for pleasure alone. I hope you enjoy this week's comics, the new artistic strategies I've been working on for the last month or so are hopefully bearing fruit.


Bee said...

I saw that video on the telly over the weekend and I liked it a lot! It looks very early-to-mid-1960s and the girl in it is a sweetie (I am struggling to overcome the envy this inspires in me).

I liked today's comic, by the way. Especially Shelley's impromptu versifying about the moon. Presumably it can see her underwear as well as everybody else's.

Roman said...

Needs more bagpipe.

marianne said...
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marianne said...

I had always imagined the clip for 'Eleanor put your boots on' as a flight of fancy with Shelley in true vectoring style. I just can't help but see Shelley in rather attractive boots floating (or perhaps being somewhat buffeted about) on the wind as she journey's across the Atlantic, as I listen to the sweet Franz.
If only I was a millionaire and could commission such whimsies - and indeed, John was inspired by such nonsense.
I guess I'll just have to print out the comic with Shelley and her mouse and make a flipbook! Wheeeee!

Tom Meade said...

The power of cinema is astonishing. Some woman runs about, and yet it is captivating.