Thursday, March 30, 2006

...and the "ology"

All Popjustice had to do today to win big was put 4 KLF videos on the same page of the internet.

When I was a young teen-ager, the KLF were the biggest band in Europe! They were two Scottish art-terrorists making techno records. I can't imagine such a conceit dominating popular music nearly 15 years on, which seems awfully sad, but maybe we all just went buck wild because the world was going to explode in the year 2000.

The last of the four (utterly preposterous) videos is when they performed their biggest hit with a death metal band at the Brit Awards, then quit making music forever. At the end you see Billy Bragg turn to someone and say "fuckin' hell", and he's right! Fuckin' hell!


Christophe said...

I liked when they torched the million quid...

But I´ll never forgive them Mumu Land, I´m sorry but that´s just the way things are...

Ray said...

The chillout album was very good but sometimes it seemed that everything else they did was done merely for its shock value.

Basically, they were just sticking up two fingers to anybody and everybody.

John A said...

Ray have you read 45 by Bill Drummond? A great, self deprecating book that makes sense of his many follies.

Ray said...

I've always avoided reading books written by, or about, musicians. If you like their music then knowing about their life, or opinions, won't add anything to your enjoyment ( but potentially might dilute it ) and if you don't like their music then what's the point?

Having said that, though, I had a look at the amazon page for "45" and really liked one of the customer reviews.

"I had some vague, unfounded dislike for Bill Drummond. I think it may have been due to 'Doctorin' the Tardis' and its arch knowingness and with me being a 'serious' teenager at that time. Now all I want to do is make some soup for him or preferably with him. Read it and you will understand. A warm, funny and heartening voice."

How could I not buy it after a review like that?

Bee said...

He has a website here:

in which he encourages you to do things like make soup or cake, give away bunches of daffodils or ask people "Is God a C***?" (censored for the benefit of any small children who might be reading this).

I like Bill Drummond. I don't like all his ideas, but that's not the point. He's flawed, like all the best artists. And "45" is a great book. And the KLF rocked.

commentsonlynoblog said...

Accidentally came across this comic today and IMMEDIATELY thought of Bobbins & Scary Go Round:

Kristy Versus the Zombie Army.

Its just getting started, but could be promising.