Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Grevious omission from 2005 chart-of-the-year that I now rectify

I thought "Nashville" by Josh Rose was a 2004 record, but it isn't. I have put it in the chart at number two, it's the ideal record to listen to when you're feeling a. bucolic or b. melancholic. You can get it on emusic.com too, the site that seldom fails to please.

I have consulted Shelley for a review:

"After a hard day on the farm having your heart broken by a callous milkmaid, this is the only record you need to listen to. Josh Rouse looks and sounds like he has just burned his hand on a chip pan but his nice way with sounds will help everyone feel better eventually."


Christophe said...

Would you believe I have a friend who believes that Josh Ritter is better than Josh Rouse?

The world we live in!

Tom Meade said...

From the cover I thought that was Dappled Cities Fly.

Everyone should listen to more Dappled Cities Fly.

Lucy said...

Thomas Hardy missed a trick with this one (mostly by being dead)