Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Air-punching masterclass

After 24 hours of holding the sides of my head and weeping for my creative instinct, today I designed three new shirts that are "real nice"* and also came up with a new vinyl doll in the magic Mongor style. I have decided to design for pleasure alone and forget about trying to make shirts that visually describe the nebulous concepts depicted in Scary Go Round, shirts which invariably prove as popular as thumbscrews and glue sammiches.

So, coming soon for you to own: KROPOTKIN FAMILY EARWIGS

*One of them is not "real nice", it is "spectacularly ghastly on every level".


Tom Meade said...

Will they chuckle like whatsits?

I will install a chuckler in mine if not.

Corwin said...

My favourite shirt has a camo pattern and says "You can't see me" in big yellow letters and people always make jokes about how they can actually see me and I really hate the jokes but I keep wearing the shirt and I don't know why.

The point being, I don't understand how people can design t-shirts when I can't even pick out which ones I like to wear.

Android said...

that guy is kinda cute! )