Saturday, March 18, 2006

A living tribute in topiary

Reader Matt Jones sent me this, see what you think!

It is, isn't it?

But is anyone, even me, really innocent?


Tom Meade said...

W... What?

joe said...

But did they do their research? Is Shelley's favorite letter really 'W?'

John A said...

W is for... WASPS, WITCHES and WIGAN

So maybe not.

Tom Meade said...

William Wordsworth?

Lord Osmo said...

Who is the chick in the lower picture?

bad movie night said...

it's from a comic called "shutterbug", i believe. it was really good!!!!!!!!!
btw, the new story arc is so cool!

B Moore said...

The bottom panel is from Jason Little's excellent Shutterbug Follies. Part of the first story is available online; the whole thing is available as a trade paperback. The second story began serialization last year, but has paused for awhile now.

Eric said...


I just got 2 new shirts in the mail! Hooray! They make me happy. Although, I am running out of ways to send you money.

Please advise.