Monday, November 09, 2009

An untitled project

I will be blogging three times today, three times. The blog bell will toll for breakfast, lunch, and dinner so you had better be looking.


There were lots of mooted replacements for Scary Go Round other than the one I decided to make. You've seen Destroy History of course, but I considered almost every permutation and even did character designs for some of these series. Here's "untitled Esther University Project".

Can you imagine what kind of comic this might have been from these rough scrawls? Yes. A very derivative one.



ReadingFiction said...

A project for Esther. Yay!

Kent said...

I smell book series! Or it could be binding glue... but I'd prefer book series!

Hilary said...

Oh, but I love it, I do! I have a deep and abiding desire to see some of the SGR kids at university, seeing as I'm there myself.

spasticfreakshow said...

i LOVE the esther university project..and i would DEFINITELY buy this if you printed it as a side series, but...i think it could just run as part of bad machinery. you know, the older sibling, occasionally the focus, off at school.

Martin said...

I agree with Hilary. I'm still reading, but I'm not identifying with the characters of Bad Machinery.