Friday, November 20, 2009

Thought Bubble Final

If you are coming to see me at Thought Bubble (and come one, come all I say), here is what I will have for sale in ascending order of price:

Flyers (free!)
Badges and stickers
A small quantity of "Erin Winters And The Bone Throne Of Bones" that I found today
Ghosts book
We Will Do Our Best prints
Chucacabra prints (see below)
Sketch postcards
One (1) tote bag(I ordered some but they have not arrived, FOR SHAME)
Whitby Ghost Party and Red Riding Hood giant gloss-o prints
Scary Go Round collections 4 through 7

If you want a print, PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN TUBE for the love o' Mike. I have none!

If you cannot find me, my table is a living tribute to Mr Blobby, I have three inflatable Mr Blobbies acting as a kind of Beamsley Beacon (yeah local knowledge check it out). There's no way they will take up the whole table and infuriate me.

Loads of my talented friends will be bringing their A-game on Saturday, it is well worth the trip to Jimmy Saville Land.



K said...

I find myself with a lot of unexpected free time and suddenly pondered the possibility of a day-trip to Leeds tomorrow...

Cheapest return £150. Dang. That's what I get for not making plans in advance like a responsible adult.

Sparkles F said...

If you have any of the "Erin Winters and the Bone Throne of Bones" left over, can I buy one from you? Make a deployed girl happy, please?

John A said...

Sabrina I am happy to post you one for free or I can just send you some TOP SECRET FILES.

Sparkles F said...

John A, this is why you are my favorite cartooning man. I'll send you an email with my address!