Thursday, November 19, 2009

Custom artwork - holiday deadlines

At this time of year a lot of people like to buy personalised books, custom prints and Scary Go Round sketches for close friends and loved ones (with exquisite taste). If you're outside the UK and you're planning on getting any of these things, please order by December 1st to ensure timely delivery.

This year I will be doing single-character Scary Go Round/Bad Machinery/Bobbins A4 drawings (about 8.3x11.7") for £25 in B&W and £40 with marker colour, please email with the subject "SGR COMMISSIONS" to arrange payment as I only have time to do a limited number and do not wish to disappoint anyone. (Here's an example).

I will post up holiday deadlines for buying non-custom items at the weekend.


K said...

Ooh! That is an interesting idea.

I don't suppose I am alone in hoping that the badges you did a little while back will be available for purchase? I collect them and would definitely buy some, especially "Sensitive Intellectual".

I was intrigued to see a picture of you that is not a drawing - you look younger and handsomer than I'd imagined. (True.)

John A said...

Yes definitely for sale after Thought Bubble. It could be a nightmare selling them individually so I might do badge packs though.