Monday, November 03, 2008

Here he is

I haven't seen kids dragging round a motheaten Guy Fawkes since I lived in Sheffield, but I'm sure that out there, somewhere, people are still burning big-hatted rascals in effigy. The exciting thing about going to the bonfire in Heaton Park is that, without evasive manoeuvers to avoid the flying fireworks and bangers let off by high-spirited youngsters, you can be burned in actuality, which I am told is better and "more authentic".

I am so worn out by the US Election that I have decided to ignore Hopey and Walnuts. It was too much election.


Morgan said...

I just think it's weird that our election is of international interest. (I'm from the Central U.S.)

Jonah said...

Morgan, that's because it's of international import ... the Freedom Eagle's wings cast a broad shadow that affects us all.

Valry said...

Politics has become obsolete.

I nearly spat water on my laptop at the description of accidental burnings' authenticity.

Roman said...

The election's over - everyone still ok?