Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Terrors


Today I applied a Boxwave Crystal Clear screen protector to my tablet pc screen. Within ten minutes of use I had torn it off in total fury, screwed it up and thrown it in the bin. I might as well have thrown the money straight in the bin. And I have to say that I actually did a very nice job of applying it neatly and without bubbles. My rating for this item is 2/10 (or 10/10 if you like something that gets covered with scratches immediately, and that your pen sticks to in some places and skids over with impunity in others.)

To cheer myself up I looked at this SGR pumpkin picture sent to me by Tiffany Shaw. Thanks Tiffany. You saved me from becoming a vigilante.


Cédric said...

I've gone through the exact same misadventure, only with my Nintendo DS, wich meant i only trashed small change when you must have trashed huge bank bills.

John A said...

It was a frustrating experience, Cedric, made doubly so by the fact that I had seen the anti-glare Boxwave described as having the nicest surface to draw on. The crystal clear did not share this feature (which I discovered only after having ordered it).

Tiffany said...

Go go gadget carving knife!