Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thought Bubble

Yes, good news for the people of Leeds, you can meet me at the Thought Bubble Festival on Saturday, I will use the wiles of Giffen and Bonxie to trick you out of your money, then you can stumble around and wonder how I managed it with only a papier maché seabird and his "friend" of indeterminate genus.

There are lots of talented types to see there, here is a list of a few who are worthy of a look:

Adam Cadwell - "Manchester's Mr Drawing"
Chamonkee - really beautiful artwork
Oliver East - his 'Trains Are... Mint' is bucolic brilliance
Marc Ellerby - apparently he is "always tousled"
Liz Greenfield - the former Stuff Sucks impressario has developed a spectacular new visual style
Kelly Hernandez - Kelly is amazing!
Lizz Lunney - a great cartoonist with a lovely gentle approach

I have run out of time but I'll come up with some more tomorrow, leaving you to contemplate the "gentle approach". What do I mean? I DON'T KNOW


Marc Ellerby said...

I bought a new shirt today to appear a bit more respectable.

John A said...

Marc you will look the bees knees, I am certain of it!

Valry said...

Eustace in Wonderland

Lizz said...

So what's this gentle approach? :oD Nice to meet you on Saturday!