Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Haim Saban presents (in Maplevision)

Based on the photographic evidence below, there is every chance that Giffen (of BONXIE and GIFFEN) will be joining me at Thought Bubble on Saturday. He will be signing autographs between 3.00 and 3.02pm. I don't know if Bonxie will be there, something to do with not knowing how much time I want to spend making papier maché paste this evening (I am a man still in the prime of life after all).


Lucy said...

On googling 'Bonxie' (to remind myself of the relevant strip), I discovered that bonxies are actually Great Skuas, also known as 'pirates of the sky', and resembling vicious ducks. Conclusion: all the good words are taken.

Stewart C. Russell said...

Yeah, real bonxies are pretty annoying - was terrorised by them up in Shetland. They at least dive bomb you feet first; terns drop on your head like darts.

"Bok Bok", as Bonxie would say.