Thursday, April 03, 2008

Small hobbies: "wrong video"

Pop videos are thought to be a noble art, but I find that you can play almost any, unrelated performance (muted, obviously) in accompaniment to a song and create an eerily accurate promo clip. It doesn't really matter if the words and singing are wrong so long as the instruments are about right.

I was listening to the new (amazingly not awful at all) REM record while watching this with the sound down and it seemed right!

In my defence, I had to draw something very complicated this morning so my mind might not be firing on all (or any) cylinders.


Joe said...

That drummer was magic. I can only imagine what the new REM must sound like if the two fit.

Sparkles F said...

That drummer was awesome! Oh man, I feel like there are rainbows in my heart after watching that.
That clip is reminiscent of the talent shows on Telemundo in the late 80's/early 90's. I guess my people and their people share a love of shiny, shiny dresses, big bangs, and bad tuxedos.