Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Bench press a million

Idea for a rap:

"Driving in my Volvo
Listening to Polvo"

It's currently a very short rap.


Yesterday on Radio 4 there was a programme about comics. I was very disappointed not to be asked, since after all I am the great white hope of British comics, also extremely erudite, and a show-off. My head is enormous, both physically and figuratively. Adding insult to injury, he show was presented by Michael Rosen, whose books of poetry fostered in the young me my fierce love of rhyme and the deathless drive to make things scan at all costs. So, BBC, next time you want to speak to the "next generation of British comics artists", just call me up, I have all the answers (none of the answers) and I never mark a pause with a long, drawn out "urrrrrr" because I was trained by the best.

My disappointment at not being fêted by your network will not stop me listening to the Today programme, as I find the sound of John Humphreys shouting at people an excellent alarm clock.

Yours sincerely,
John Allison


Roman said...

Small solace, perhaps, but at least you can take comfort in the fact that your work has yet to be entombed in the Cartoon Museum of London.

Tranquil said...

There was a time when I became convinced that Scary-Go-Round would make for an ideal Radio 4 dramatisation, for the 6:30 comedy spot, but in time I came to realise this was largely down a desire to combine two of my great loves, and if the experiment with cheese and chilli source toasties proved anything, its that this is not always as effective as one would hope. I suspect your cast is too large, and art to splendid to transfer to a non-visual medium.

Rene Engström said...

I have personally written a letter to the BBC directing their eyes towards your comic.

Anik said...

I am outraged on your behalf.

Ever since I spotted a profile of Scary Go Round in Toon Art way back in aught-three, I assumed it had moved from obscure work of genius to global cultural phenomenon. That the BBC hasn't cottoned on to this fact is disgraceful, nay, shocking, nay, scandalous.

I shall immediately postpone listening to all BBC podcasts for one full day in protest.

lou said...

I tried Cadbury's diary milk and marshmallow toasties once, they weren't very good either.

Valry said...

This is going to sound incredibly small-minded of me, but how many cartooning men/women are there in England? It's not a very big island. Certainly not big enough to contain the enormity that is your physical/figurative head. Or your talents.

"No wonder you people lost the empire! And you know what, Scotland's next!"

Magpie Ella said...

Wait what?
They had some tragic discussion about Dan Dare on The Material World, but did they have two discussions of comics in the same day on Radio 4 without my knowing it?
Or do you secretly really love Dan Dare and Eagle comics...

... I mean it's okay if you do...

Mark said...

Saw Rosen doing a piece about getting kids to read on the only current affairs show I ever get to see, Channel Five's THE WRIGHT STUFF, the other day. Dude, he totally failed to recommend your stuff, even when he was telling the mother of a young would-be-cartoonist to get him to start a web-comic. I reckon the guy must totally hate your guts! What a b*stard!