Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I have finished fooling with my yaks and wendigos, it now says a nice legible oh no.

The bearded model is kind of an indie rock tramp I gave 50p to in Chorlton.


Brian G. said...


I also noticed on the main page that Feats of Strength got extended until Friday as opposed to May 1? I figured I'd get a faster response here.

Sparkles F said...

Okay, the OH NO version I would buy. Not that my promises of buying anything have convinced you lately. Could it be because I am a liar?

Liam said...

I am extremely pleased that Feats of Strengh has been extended. I've not started mine, due to having been dissertationing. Now there is time!

Tranquil said...

oh gosh.

I didn't even realise the yaks were spelling. In fact I didn't even realise yaks could spell.

I am currently ordering one of these fine shirts.

Mizufae said...

yes! thank you for fixing it!
I now am beginning to regret ordering the maths shirt, because I will have to get this one as well. You need to start making trousers and button downs and such so I can just give up and buy all my clothes from you.

Robert said...

Booo! I want a "nudein the night" shirt.