Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Rocktober 2007: A maelstrom of difficult emotions

Last night I moved into town using short, sharp jerking movements. The railway approach platform lights were not working so it was a unique opportunity to journey into fear. Well, I say unique, they weren't working on Saturday either.


BROKEN SOCIAL SCENE PRESENTS KEVIN DREW: SPIRIT IF + Noah and the Whale @ Manchester Club Academy - October 16th

Noah and the Whale: proficient, but yawns prevail. The sound of the Neutral Milk Hotel with all feeling, fear and drama removed. O England! 4/10

Broken Social Scene: given their shrunken 4-beard line-up and a missing lead guitarist, most heads wore the forgiveness hat at a jaunty angle. But what was not to enjoy? Extra half mark for feeble but sustained attempt to play the hits of Pavement. Extra half mark for not cancelling and ruining Rocktober. 8.5/10

DISCLAIMER: All scores commensurate with cost of gig. Full disclosure: £15.

TONITE: ROCKTOBER 2007 LOSES ALL CONTROL WITH... BATTLES + Prefuse 73 + Dirty Projectors (!!!)


Joe said...

Oh my goodness. Battles and Dirty Projectors in one show? You and your country are surely blessed with an embarrassment of Rock Riches. Please enjoy yourself (as if there were any alternative).

Private Cox said...

Prefuse 73! I am sehr jealous! They may not be the indy rock gods which you have witnessed so far (in either respect: Neither Indy nor Rock), but from what I have heard on the only decent music channel in my dirt-based country, they are electronic hippity hops peoples who warrent a listen. Maybe.
Or all this Horse Flu could have driven us all completely mad...

Citizen Meh said...

Rocktober 2007 is a truly heroic undertaking, good sir. I have too enjoyed the jaunty youthful musics of Los Campesinos, Sky Larkin and Broken Social Scene. However, Battles are a whole different kettle of haddock or halibut- John Stanier's drumming alone will make even the most hard-hearted 'lad' or 'lady' swoon with the joy that only comes with seeing a man hitting his drumstricks so forcefully you can see the sawdust coming off. And Dirty Projectors are a wilfully quirky bunch; my verdict: awesome. My companions: bloody awful.

Chris said...

oh that is a terrific line-up! I do certainly enjoy P73, but hopefully their UK show will be more interesting than the performance I saw in Colorado several years ago, which more or less consisted of Scott pressing play on a boombox and half-heartedly playing drums along to the entirety of One Word Extinguisher.