Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Woe is me

I am doing my taxes. Normal service will be resumed when I stop doing my taxes.

In addition to 04/05 taxes, my return for 03/04 was so weird that HM tax inspector wants me to break down last year's expenses. Despite the fact that I did so on my tax return anyway. So I am having to deal with two years' taxes. It's a non-stop tax-a-thon.



mike said...

Sir John! Why are you showing American money when talking about your Great British taxes? Hold on to your fine heritage! Show everyone that the colour of money is not green, but a grey-ish blue and sometimes pink! But mostly grey!

Rosy at Random said...

You never know, you may get a rebate.

Incidentally, you really should make a 10x10 (?) icon for Scary Go Round, you know, the sort that appears in the URL bar.

digitalduck said...

John, please come home. Scarygoround is nothing without your style.

John A said...

Hey! These are hardworking people, entertaining you because I am not a total machine in every way. Cut them some slack, jack.

digitalduck said...

The parking inspectors in my town work pretty hard too, but are nowhere near as entertaining as your storylines :/