Sunday, June 05, 2005

Back once again with the renegade master

I have emerged from my eye-topped tax pyramid. It's a good feeling, a feeling that says "success". Unfortunately the feeling of success only lasted about five minutes as I managed to make myself ill by playing GTA: San Andreas too much yesterday. Last night I had fever dreams where I was running around all over the city, and I woke up feeling like a broken clock. Now that ain't right.

For those who want to know (or just miss my stylings), my return to SGR is scheduled for some time during week commencing 13th June. But there is a big treat on Monday and Tuesday, Vera Brosgol has delivered the magic: twice!


Bee said...

Funnily enough, Mr A, you were one of a cast of thousands in the dream I had last night. For some reason you were wearing a skirt.

I apologise for that, but unfortunately I have no control over my unconscious.

Jon said...

"Back once again with the ill behavior" -- get it? Ill behavior -- get well soon, John A. These are orders from the internet.

Corwin said...

Ooooh magic.