Wednesday, June 22, 2005

San Diego 2005

Several people have asked me if I'll be exhibiting at San Diego Comic-con this year, as I have for the last four years. The answer is, no, I will not be there. This is partly because of boring human reasons, like having to pay my tax bill and car insurance, and partly because the Dumbrella booth has become some kind of tshirt-selling mission from God that reminds me a little bit too closely of my days working at Woolworths. When you're on holiday, yet you're working harder than you did for minimum wage in 1994, something is wrong.

Or put more simply, when you've flown halfway round the world at (as we say here in England) "massive expense", you shouldn't have a reason to be furious.

The other men of Dumbrella will be there this year, so of course get down there and see them if you're in the area. I will probably return in 2006, but I may reform in another form that allows me to actually enjoy the experience again.


DEO said...

One day macaws will take over all t-shirt vending.

Journal of Lies said...

We'll miss you!

DavidMcG said...

Awwww... :(