Monday, June 13, 2005


I have been back on comic duty for a week now and it feels good. There is a white hot flame shooting through my body and the skeleton keeps saying "win!" This is a good sign.

The only bad thing that keeps happening is when I read those Scott Pilgrim books by Bryan Lee O'malley and realise that I "must try harder" where "trying harder" is not equal to "copying".

One of the most difficult things about running an international super-web-shop is keeping an eye on the exchange rate. When I appear to be jacking up prices willy-nilly, I'm not - I'm keeping them the same. Please try to remember this as I ruin your pocket-money dreams.

My body is very weak today because I painted the stairway and landing. there were some awkward corners. Awkward like you would not believe with your eyes and senses. I reckon it's going to take three coats because I'm painting on top of the most hideous Laura Ashley wallpaper. I realise that this is a dog rough thing to do but the plaster underneath is ancient.

So if I suddenly disappear from the internet world, don't worry, I've fallen off my ladder down the stairs and am dead. Don't weep for me.

You can help prevent my death by buying a copy of Skellington, my handsome book. Or as I like to fondly think of it, "the financial black hole of Calcutta".


Andrew Dunn said...

I created a blogger account merely to congratulate you on the excellence of Skellington, which I bought in a fit of pity for your skint-comic-artist livelihood.

Also because I wanted it.

And it is very good. People come to gaze in awe at its shiny colourfulness.

Eddie said...

I created a blogger account to agree! 'Scott Pilgrim' (and his creator, Brian Lee O'Malley) rules. Yopu can hardly beat all the awesome inside this book for the low price of a mere $12US!

Best of all, he's doing a book signing in Halifax here THIS weekend to promote SP: Volume 2.

Yes, I do feed off jealousy.

Ok, so I didn't create a blogger account at all. I've had one for two years.

- Eddie

Corwin said...

I've had a blogger account for some time now AND I don't have anything to say, except for "Ok."

Also, David Lynch's "Dune" is very underrated.

I'm going to go buy books now.

Bee said...

Just give me a couple of weeks to (a) earn a bit more money and (b) get over the financial Black Hole of Calcutta that is Glastonbury and I will buy a copy of "Skellington" off you. I can use PayPal now and everything!

Please don't fall down the stairs and die. The world would be a poorer place without your internet-based wit and artisticity. Also, you should consider more glamorous ways to die, such as in a speed-boating accident with a party of international film stars, or in a death-or-glory charge towards an invading army of giant mutant hedgehogs.

By the way, "I can punch a man so hard that he farts teeth" is the best line I've heard in AGES.

Roman said...

John, I scraped wallpaper off of my staircase walls this past spring. It was maddening work - took three Saturdays (while painting only took one). Sore shoulders were the norm for a while. I don't blame you for just painting over the old paper, but I hope it doesn't begin to peel on you.

Thanks for the "Skellington" and the nifty drawing inside.

John A said...

I've painted over a lot of paper in this house for fear of what lies beneath, it never peels because I am a total 100% pro.

laura said...

I love your webcomic. Please don't fall off the stairs. Scary-Go-Round is lovely in a very big number of ways!
I can not buy your shiny Skellington although I want to, because I don't live in England. But I can play my role as international fan very well, I can even send you some fan art you know.
I wondered if you have MSN, because I would love to speak to you. I draw comics too (but with pencil) and I'd like to talk to a cartoonist I admire!


Doctor Sinister said...

Every comic I like has a book out that I want, and due to exchange rates, international shipping, poverty and being locked in the Chateau d'If I shall never see them.

My father is a house-painter and I understand it to be hard work.

Commenting on these blog posts always seems such a pointless yet entertaining exercise.

Red_Dog said...

"Pointless, yet entertaining": surely what they will carve on the inter nets tombstone...?

Arienette said...

I created a blog as well to say "hey I love your comic and I want to buy all of your books, but I recently lost my job so I can't just yet, but I will VERY SOON I promise!"

hey I love your comic and I want to buy all of your books, but I recently lost my job so I can't just yet, but I will VERY SOON I promise!

And also, I hope you don't mind me commenting. You probably decided for no anonymous comments for a reason, because you didn't want dummies like me commenting, but I really wanted you to know that I adore your comic and it is my favorite, other than my own. And that is not your fault. I just have an ego that wont go away.


Mr. Driller said...
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Mr. Driller said...


I was inspired by the books. They taught me all the fly skillz I was going to need.

thomas said...

Scott Pilgrim is amazing.
Scott Pilgrim is my hero.
Scott Pilgrim reminds me of Ryan.

Amy should join Sex Bo-Bomb.