Sunday, December 19, 2010


These were the top ten records I bought this year that weren't from this year. I hope that makes sense. Most of them are inexcusable holes in my record collection, things I missed, often things that I heard "too early" or on someone's horrible car stereo that just sounded grisly back in the day.

10 NEVER GONNA TOUCH THE GROUND - Still Flyin' (2009)
- Glorious, kaleidoscopic party music
9 STRANGE BIRD - Augie March (2004)
- Mainstream Australian hit but left of centre in the best possible way
8 HEAVEN OR LAS VEGAS - Cocteau Twins (1990)
- I thought I had enough Cocteau Twins to be honest
7 FAITHFUL - Todd Rundgren (1976)
- First side is some unnecessary covers, second side some of his best songs
6 GET BETTER - Lemuria (2008)
- At its best, sweet and concise like the early-90s Lemonheads records
5 K.K.K.K.K - Kahimi Karie (1997)
- Bought a decade ago and never played, quite splendid
- Not purchased at the time of release due to long-term resentment of £18 paid for import copy of their first, horrible album
3 ADVENTURE - Television (1978)
- Deeply underrated follow-up to Marquee Moon
2 NEW DAY RISING - Husker Du (1985)
- Used to find it a bit abrasive on the office stereo, never got past track 2, what an idiot
1 TENDER PERVERT - Momus (1988)
- Basically perfect record of its era


Kent said...

I thought about doing one of these. I would guess at least 2/3 of the music I buy is from previous years. Two of my most listened to albums I bought this year were a Wanda Jackson record and Surfer Blood.

Stewart C. Russell said...

what?! you didn't like Of Montreal's "Cherry Peel"? Unpossible!

Alison said...

Momus? Like Justin Currie's cousin?

John A said...

Stewart: I checked my memory banks, the record that got my goat was "Coquelicot Asleep in the Poppies: A Variety of Whimsical Verse" - it did have really superb artwork though.

Alison: yes. Del Amitri. Not part of my hall of heroes, I'm afraid.

RMG said...

oh my gosh kahimi karie rules so much

Leonardo Tuzzo said...

there can be never enough Cocteau Twins