Saturday, December 18, 2010


Bad Machinery will be taking a week-long Christmas break starting December 27th. Now, traditionally this period was taken up by Shelley's Dr Ladysounds end-of-year list, but with Scary Go Round now over, it felt like time for something new.

So from the 27th-31st here will be some lo-fi Giant Days comics rounding up the year's ripest releases in reverse order, plus videos and the usual explanatory notes. There's a lot of dancing, a few dangerously psychedelic moments, and some appallingly off-beam analysis.

Further festive entertainment below from Reeves and Mortimer's 1991 BBC2 Christmas special, as personal favourite John Shuttleworth drops in with a seasonal song ("Christmas Orphan").


DCW said...
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DCW said...

I actually saw John Shuttleworth at Derby back in the beginning of the year. He was promoting his It's Nice Up North film. He made the point that Derby wasn't really all that "North" and The North really starts at Chesterfield (my hometown).

Also met Graham after the show. Nice chap! He does a great job making John look almost exactly the same for the last 25 years.