Sunday, December 05, 2010

A must read article for the self employed!

Sorry for the lack of blog action at the moment, I'm in the midst of the pre-Christmas rush but once I return from ATP in Minehead on the 13th, there will be a flurry of blog activity - loads of end of year music things, a new Sketch Fiesta, and some end-of-year etchings.

In the meantime, here's a great article for self-employed people by Keri Smith. My favourite point is below, but they're all worth reading.

7. If you want to work on your art, work on your life. All those personality traits that aren’t working for you will come back to haunt you in your career (i.e. assertiveness, fear of conflict, fear of confrontation.) It’s all connected.


Kat R said...

Thank you kindly for sharing, I think I'll be passing this one on. (also, it's nice to see I'm already following over half of these XD)

Nina said...

I occasionally wish you still allowed readers to comment on your comics as they would go up, so that I can easily (compared, I guess, to finding the link for your blog and commenting there, but you know) log something like "EEE! Elodie is back!" because it makes me happy. Then I remember what many of the comments were like.