Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Holy holy holy

Things are winding down in the run up to Christmas, so as promised, I will bring you a little something every day. First, let's get a little holy with what I can only describe as the greatest Christmas album ever made. It's VERY hot and VERY now - check out this commercial.

You can find out more about Lunge Dolphin at the THEFUDGEBABIES website and I recommend that you bookmark it three or four times.

In other news, here are a couple of recent interviews that I did, packed with mirth, merriment, making-merry, and merr (more)!

* An interview at Coilhouse

* An interview at The Comics Bureau

I will return... tomorrow!


Katy Newton said...

Hello there. I started reading SGR just before it finished, and although I've read and enjoyed the archives I personally prefer Bad Machinery. I like things that work on different levels for different age groups. I think it's a shame that some of your readers can't get past the "I don't want to read about children" block, but there is definitely a market for this sort of thing or the Harry Potter franchise (which I don't like very much, but still) wouldn't have got off the ground. Please to keep going with Bad Machinery. It is ace.

Maaaaaaaaf. said...

I never read SGR and I love Bad Machinery. True story.

Stephen said...

Scary Go Round was just too big and sprawling to get into. I'd start reading the archive, and always get stuck on the "Shelley is a zombie" story. I loved Bad Machinery right from the start, though. Add in the Giant Days series, and I was compelled to go back and start reading again.

Now I can say I'm a fan of Scary Go Round as well. I've even bought some of the books. There is no way that would have happened without Bad Machinery. Most of all, I'm now a fan of John Allison.