Friday, December 31, 2010

Albums of the year 4-1

4 HALCYON DIGEST - Deerhunter

"Desire Lines"

3 BEFORE TODAY - Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti

"Bright Lit Blue Skies"

2 THE AGE OF ADZ - Sufjan Stevens

"Too Much"

2010 was a good year for albums, but I think this would have led the list any year it was released. Full of interesting melody, complicated song structures, and experimental without ever being painful, I got something new out of it every time I listened. I was sorry to hear that the band ended the year by falling apart but on the basis of the quantum leap between their last record and this, I pray that they will be back.

"Can't You See"

"Locust Valley"


Wendy Roby said...

As a confirmed singles person I am still catching up on my halbums, but that Deerhunter record has been a Christmas present to myself. It is ackfing delightful. What a wicked list, John!

Cara said...

thank you thank you thank you for picking public strain as #1

John A said...

Wendy: yes, Deerhunter is a treat for the ears. It underwhelmed me at first but I soon loved it the most.

Cara: no, thank YOU!