Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Stylists became rich and strong

The first part of this year was pretty bad for new records, so I went through my old CDs for things I had bought in "3 for £20" deals in 1997 (to get my money's worth, you understand) or remainder bins and filed away without really listening to. I was excited to see that I had not only "Different Light" by the Bangles (with Manic Monday on it) but also their 1984 debut!

Different Light is full of mushy 80s production which I quite like but only because it is the sound of my youth, but All Over The Place still has a bit of their Paisley Underground background left in it and holds up well as a post-New Wave trifle. Maybe their only essential release is the 1983 indie "Bangles EP" but god knows where you'd get that. It has a great kitchen-sink psych-pop sound.

One thing I forgot was that Susannah Hoffs doesn't sing lead on more than half the songs. She was, however, kept busy by being very pretty all time. Now it is time for my Bangles chronological music video parade in which you can chart the 5 years in which "stylists" became rich and strong. Watch it with your seeing eyes.

"Hero Takes A Fall" (1984)

"Going Down To Liverpool" (1985) with Leonard Nimoy woah

Susannah Hoffs is so pretty in this one with Leonard Nimoy that I stapled my hand to the desk and didn't notice!

If She Knew What She Wants (1986)

Hazy Shade Of WInter (1988)

In Your Room (1988)

I'm not sure about the lyrical content of this song, I think it might be mildly suggestive of home invasion.

I have completely forgotten what I was posting about when I started this, maybe I should press 'publish' and we'll not talk about the Bangles again.


Kelly Anne said...

Well, now I know who to call the next time I get the hankering to go to Liverpool to do nothing. Although he does seem a bit uppity for a chauffeur.

John A said...

That video is totally wickles. This thread is so good, anyone can have a 20 minute Bangles dance party now, ANYONE.

tallasiandude said...

ah, how I wish I could find a copy of their EP in digital format. I have the vinyl at my parents' house, but I fear bringing it across the country after a visit (or shipping it) for fear of destroying it. (also, a lack of success in ripping MP3s from vinyl.)

tallasiandude said...

oh, duh.

Thank you John A, for your awesome comics and now for your assistance in tracking down some much loved music.

Kjerstin said...

The Bangle's cover of Hazy Shade of Winter is perhaps the only cover of a Simon and Garfunkel song that I'll accept. Glad to see others like it as well.

rob said...

Oh boy do I love me some Bangles!

That was a jolly way to avoid some work for a bit! cheers!