Friday, May 29, 2009

The Regret Café

Today I took my Pixie and Troll notes and put them in the bin. Sometimes you can be too excited about an idea. I have a lot of good ideas which, structurally speaking, are ornate housefronts with no walls behind to support them.

There are a wonderful array of domain names I have bought over the years for projects I never made - some of them intended to replace Scary Go Round! Oh, what nautical thing might you have been? Sweet sweet, you made so much sense when I was in Canada but now I can't even remember what I was talking about. Only my closest friends have been exposed to the maladroit musings behind but there are pages and pages of notes on that one.

Today I bought another domain name.

I have been blown away by the stylings of Chip Zdarsky. Wow, he can draw.

I never get tired of this, but I don't think I noticed Jack Black playing the trumpet before. It can't be Jack Black, this is 1986.


JessX said...

perhaps jack black is a time traveler in his downtime and decided showing up in the occasional 80's music video was a good way to spend his time.

Roman said...

The trumpet player isn't Jack Black, he's obviously "30 Rock"'s Judah Friedlander.

That video is as fine an example of making do on a tight budget as you're ever likely to see. They had some extra studio time and thought, "hey, let's shoot our music video here."

They obviously didn't blow their budget on hairstylists.

DEO said...

Ah, the Housemartins. I certainly did find them quite good.

JonathanCR said...

I like the video, especially the slightly insane behaviour of the drummer. Looking him up, I find that he was actually later imprisoned for attacking someone with an axe. If only Jack Black had done minimal research before going on his time jaunt, he would still have his trumpet.

John A said...

Poor Jack Black just wanted to meet Fatboy Slim. He didn't know what was going to happen. He didn't know that he was going to die.

the erudite baboon said...

I know your game - cybersquatting on the domain name so you can sell it to me later at an exhorbitant rate! But it will be worth every penny.

John A said...

My cybersquatting on domain names that no one wants or will ever need is an expensive habit that will see me in the workhouse before I am 40. I caught the disease from Jeff Rowland and I am always comforted by the fact that he has it so much worse. He bought "".