Monday, May 25, 2009

MCM Expo : enter Wozzlebot 3000 and Keysword

Thank you to all the people who came to see me at the MCM Expo. I hadn't done a manga-orientated show for about five years so I had forgotten what it was like to witness waves of cosplayers streaming towards you with their hastily constructed "free hugs" signs and wildly age-inappropriate paddles with "yaoi" written on them. It really was two days in a parallel universe where nothing makes sense and I will be watching back-to-back episodes of "Rumpole of The Bailey" all night tonight to recalibrate my mind.

Freed from the confines of my home, it wasn't long before I was creating amazing new concepts for never-to-be-published series. Later this week I will reveal all about the thirty minutes that I thought my future was a series called "Pixie And Troll". Pixie and Troll are amazing.

My host for this event was James Turner, who tried to set me up with an elderly woman's ghost, and forced me to eat a series of giant meals. Why not email him and tell him how much you want to read a comic about Isembard Kingdom Brunel and his talking hat "Stovey"?

And thank you to Anna and Emma and all the MCM organisers who made it a fine weekend.


Dean said...

Tell us more about Pixie and Troll!

Anonymous said...

Hey! One of the people who ambushed you here. I hope you got your mind back to its usual state :D And I want to see Pixie and Troll too!

(also: remember to include cat ears on someone so we can cosplay as your characters, haha! You never know - October may be full of Desmonds and Zombie Shelleys)

Jon said...

I do wish you'd been more careful and not fallen into that door handle time and time again...

Great to chat again squire.