Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I have been invited to be a guest at the MCM Expo in London's Docklands! They put Shelley and Amy on the front page of their website for a whole week, do they know what they are doing? YES THEY DO I AM THE GREATEST.

Since I did a show in London about a month and a half ago, I won't be wheeling out the giant guns of commerce, but it will be very nice to see you, it is lonely behind a table. There will be books to be had, and posters, and badges, and I can probably be relied upon to draw a thing or two. Plus I will be on a panel, holding forth and jabbing my thumb into my chest to emphasise my point. WOF WOF YES YES FLEETWOOD MAC'S TUSK &ETC.

This is all I have to say on the matter. GOOD DAY.

Oh wait here is my banner, there is a good 5 minutes of hard graft in this, can you tell I am woefully underprepared?


K said...

Would that I thought I was organised enough to get to London by this weekend, which I don't... Do they ever have webcomics thingies any nearer the top end of this here island?

(They probably do; I probably just don't hear about them. I think they had one in Glasgow once and I only found out after it was over...)

Anyway, I would love to come and see you, even if you were woefully underprepared.

Anonymous said...

You should wheel out the big guns of commerce. The Expo has a much larger crowd than the Webcomix Thing.

Unfortunately not me, as I can't make it to this one.

Guy said...

Pleasure to meet you today, Mr. Allison. You were as friendly and approachable as I could have hoped you to be.

I love the doodles you did in the books I bought. They're lovely.

Hope you do some good business over the weekend and bring in some new viewers to your crazy world.