Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Lay it down, clown

I am not quite ready to post the details of Pixie and Troll but here are the drawings James Turner and I did for his Isembard Kingdom Brunel comic. Sadly this project was cancelled after we came to the mutual realisation that we knew nothing about Brunel, and what we thought we knew was a lie. Why not try to divine from the pictures below what on earth we we trying to do:

Top left is my early 1990s Image comics attempt to "pump up" the project. I while I was drawing this I kept saying "more crosshatching, MORE CROSSHATCHING"!

There is a point on the second page where I accidentally spat a little bit of best bitter onto the page. There's nothing worse than a conversational spitter, I prefer to think I was frothing at the mouth with excitement.


Teresa Bowman said...

Hailing as I do from Bristol, home of several of Brunel's greatest achievements (the Clifton Suspension Bridge, the SS Great Britain and the Great Western Railway to name but three), I have some knowledge of the man which I am happy to impart to you for the purposes of your comic. My knowledge can be summed up thus:

1. He was awfully clever.

2. He looked a bit like Van Morrison.

Feel free to use this information in any way you see fit.

Ken said...

Unsolicited T-shirt advice-

I think the evolutionary chart from the May 28th strip could make for a nice shirt.