Thursday, July 17, 2008


It's been a year since my last limited A4 print so I thought I'd do another. Here are the pencils in a very formative stage. I thought they might be somewhat interesting.


Geoffrey said...

This looks like the start of something wonderful! Can't wait to pick it up.

matt said...

Ah! The flametresses of SGR - just the ticket! I can tell even at this early stage that I WANT THIS PRINT.

Carly Monardo said...

I like it already!

Drew Falconeer said...

I foresee myself spending money on this.

P.S: John, I found A Confederacy of Dunces, not maimed by any translator, on a second hand book stall just on a streetcorner of Roma. I have to thank you for that.

Ooo-wee, and whoa!