Thursday, July 10, 2008

Dinner with Grrrshwin

How does it feel to be back, asked Hall and Oates. The answer is, not great, if you are referring to my recent trip to the very seat of liberty. It was a time of extreme fun. At one point I was in a hot tub, there were bubbles, I realised that the future was now and I had to say goodbye to the past. We don't have bubbles in Britain, all liquids are unagitated by law.

But now I am back and thoughts turn to ripping out my bathroom. Ripping it out so good. I will provide more news on this potentially disastrous project when I have it. It's going to be thrilling.

Airline passengers, when your plane is departing 5 hours late due to a maintenance problem, don't applaud when the airline finally announces boarding will commence. You are probably idiots.


Emily said...

Aaaah, Philadelphia..renowned for our bubbles!
Glad you had a wonderful time here! :-)

matt said...

Last time I was on a delayed flight in the USA they boarded evryone and then realised they hadn't done enough freedom checks on potential evildoers. So they called those folk back off the plane to be searched.

I assume that they were trusting any terrorfolk to bring any weaponry or explosives back off the plane with tem.

Rob said...

But were you FREE? If you were free then the freedom checks are clearly working. QED.

Sparkles F said...

I hate it when people clap on planes or at the airport. In any other situation do they clap when someone screws up very badly and then belatedly fixes the problem? They must be idiots.
(It's like people who clap at the movies. THEY CAN'T HEAR YOU.)

John A said...

Well exactly, Sparkles. If your dinner finally arrives two hours late, cold, you don't pat the restauranteur on the back and cheer.

I'm not sure about clapping at the movies though. On occasion I even clap the TV at home. It has to be something good like The Wire though, not American Idol try-outs.

Jen Dockter said...

I am usually too annoyed at a late flight to be excited when it finally does show up. I found this to be a common trait among Minnesotans the last time I flew out there and our flight was delayed 2 hours. Everyone was just angry and muttering when they got on the plane.