Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Incredible journey

Today I went to Middleton tip. It was amazing. I haven't been to a municipal waste dump since the mid eighties and I now consider every day since wasted. Where else can you hurl waste wood over a 25ft precipice with the approval of a man in a hard hat? Nowhere, I say, but the finest Soho sex dungeons. I also put some old cardboard boxes in the back of a van but that was a mere sideshow to the lumber-chucking thrills.

This was the perfect antidote to shoving dozens of books into envelopes; I may be cured.

"Yes well done John you done it up right old boy"

I have put the new tshirts on sale, put them on your upper body and just look generally smarter and better than your rivals and enemies.


Roman said...

The quaint sporting/vacation village of Lake Placid, New York (home to both the 1932 and 1980 Winter Olympics) sited its municipal waste dump on the explicitly named Dump Lane. Apparently this distresses wealthy second home owners, upscale tourists and others who feel that "quaint" is a laudable description. So the local government is conducting a contest to rename the street. (link provided to prove I'm not making this up)

I can't imagine a better name for a street that has the local waste dump at the end of it than Dump Lane. Don't do it, Lake Placid! Recycling is good, but so is truth in labeling!

Marlo Meekins said...

you are a strong man, let me feel those guns.

fingle said...

My book is in the mail! I can't wait!

matt said...

I am sooooo looking forward to the arrival of ahoy hoy!

Now, to save some money for t-shirtage. The month of July sees the birthdays of no less than 8 of my friends and family so it leaves me rather skint.

Rob said...

But John, will I look smarter and better than my friends? In Freedom Land, there are no enemies (unless you are a terrorist and hate freedom), but we have to do our best to look better and smarter than our friends, otherwise how will Capitalism and Freedom work?

0Khan said...

Got two Buffet shirts for the boat loving 'rita' fiends in the family. Grabbed a USA Dinosaur for meself, and a Employee of the Moth for the wife. You have made all perfection for the uptight American on the go yet again, The Englishman!