Monday, March 17, 2008

Restricted dance moves

The blog is going to be quiet for the next week or so but will resume in earnest thereafter. In the meantime I have the UK Webcomix Thing in London to deal with and the upcoming visit of Dr McNinja and Mama Monardo with their strange foreign ways that will turn my town upside down.

I hope a few of the loyal blog readers will be able to come and see me in London on Saturday, when I will be bearing all before me like a Dickensian waif just evicted from the poorhouse. I posted this list on the front page of the site already but here is what I will have with me (in descending price order):

* Giraffe canvas prints (ltd run of 20, 10 available, 30 x 60cm)
* All 32 pages of my Ghosts book original artwork for sale
* All the Scary Go Round collections - including the out of print Blame the Sky and Looks Brains & Everything.
* Some fancy velcro topped Shelley bags - for a lady!
* My roughs for whole weeks of comics sold in fives
* Ghosts and Girlspy (I found five in the cupboard!) books
* Buttons and stickers
* Postcards
* Leftover San Diego minicomics that were making a mess of the place

Anyway I have worn out my brain preparing for this so be kind when you see my small, wan face looking up at you.


Stephen said...

I did, and indeed was going, but alas I cannot come to greet you. It's a shame, as I wanted to meet some other people as well, who've released an anthology with a comic of mine in, and I kind of wanted to parade it about with parental joy. Maybe next year.

Don't forget to pack a Kit Kat so you can have a break.

Laura said...

Oh :( I really want some of this stuff! I hope it might be available after the event as I can't make it this weekend! I'm house sitting with 8 dogs!!!